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Department of Philosophy & Social Studies
University of Crete
Campus of Rethymnon
74100 Rethymno

Phone number: ++30 2831077211/15/16
Fax number:++30 2831077222

Katerina Dalakoura, Lecturer

Curriculum Vitae


  • Degree of Philosophy (BA) in Education, Philosophy and Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Master Degree (MA) in History of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Ph.D.  in History of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Professional activities

I. Teaching work a) In state secondary schools (1987-1998), b) in programs of further education and training for teachers and teachers’ educators (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 1993-1996 & 2000-2003), c) as an under contract Lecturer (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of West Macedonia, 2004-2006), d) Lecturer in History of Education (University of Crete,  current position since 2007)

Teaching subjects

  • History of Greek Women’s Education within the Ottoman Empire (19th c. 1922)
  • Approaches to History of Greek Women’s Education (19th c. – 1930)
  • Enlightenment and Woomanhood
  • Greek Women Teachers and Print Cultures within the Boarders of Ottoman Empire
  • Gender and Education
  • History of Greek Education (19th c. -20th c.)
  • Educational Reforms and educational policy in Greece
  • Greek Pedagogues and the Formation of  Pedagogic Thought  at  the Greek-speaking areas.

II. Academic activities and research: Planning and realization of educational and training curricula, 25 presentations in national and international conferences, participation in 9 research programs regarding History of Education and Gender issues and scientifically responsible for 1 research project funded by EC (European Programs for Initial Education and Training)and Greek state and another submitted (expecting the results).. 

III. Academic interests: History of Women’s Education (19thc-20th c), History of Education in the Ottoman Empire, Print Cultures, Issues of Gender in Education, Educational Research Methodology and Methodology of Historiography.

IV. Publications:

(2000)The Central School for Girls of Thessaloniki (1854-1914): Girls` Education in Thessaloniki during the last period of the ottoman domination[in Greek]. Thessaloniki: Kyriakidis Press
 (2008) Women’s Education in the Greek Communities of the Ottoman Empire (19th cent.-1922): women’s socialization, patriarchy and nationalism [in Greek]. Athens: Gutenberg.


(2006) Madlein Arnot, Diadikasies anaparagogis tou Fylou: Ekpaideftiki Theoria kai Feministikes politikes, trans. Katerina Dalakoura & Xristina Athanasiadou (original title: Reproducing Gender ?). Athens: Metaichmio.

Papers in conference proceedings and journals
(2000) The Nationalistic Dimension in the Upbringing and Education of Young Greek Women in the Territories of the Ottoman Empire during the 19th Century, in: Nikos P. Terzis (ed), Education in the Balkans: From the Enlightenment to the Founding of the Nation-States( 315-332). Thessaloniki: Balkan Society for Pedagogy and Education, Kyriakidis. 
(2000) Women’s Education in Thessaloniki and Philippoupolis (Plovdiv) (19th century-1922) [in Greek] in E. Chekimoglou (ed) Thessaloniki and Philippoupolis in Paraller Processes: History, Arts and Culture (18thc. – 20th c.). Thessaloniki: Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of North Greece.
(2002) Greek Gir’s Moral education within the Ottoman Empire (19th c.-1922) , in Education in the Daylight of the 21st C. Proceedings of the 2nd International Historical Conference (4-6 200), Patras (www.upatras.gr).
(2005) Administrative Forms, Classification of Knowledge and Social Reproduction in Female Education (19th c. –beginning of 20th c.) [in Greek], in Sofia Iliadou-Tachou & Andreas Andreou (eds) Greek education (18th c. – 20th c): Research issues. Florina: University of West Macedonia Press.
(2006) New Perspectives and Methdlogical considerations in Contemporary Historiography of the History of Education, in Chr. Tzikas (ed..) IHistoriography of Education Issues,ConferenceProceedingsΑθήνα-Θεσσαλονίκη: Επίκεντρο, pp. 105-122.
(2007) (in cooperation with S. Ziogou-Karastergiou) Women Teachers’ Professional Identity [in Greek], Educational Sciences, 4: 19-32.
(2007) Education and Female Consciousness in the Creek Communities of the Ottoman Empire (19th c) The Hindrance of the Emergence of a Feminist Consciousness [in Greek], Ariadne, 13:223-244.
(2008) Mathematical Education of Greek Women during the 19th century, History and Pedagogy of Mathematics Newsletter, 68, 12-13 (HPM webpage: http://www.clab.edc.uoc.gr/hpm).
(2009) Girls’ Education in Serres (10th c. -1914): Innovative Features and Radical Trends [in Greek], History of Education Issues, 8:93-111.
(2009) Mathematical Education of Greek Women during the 19th century, in K. Tzanakis & Kourkoulos (ed.) Didactics O Mathematics. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference [in Greek], v. 1. Rethymno: Department of Education, University of Crete, pp. 439-456.
(2009) ‘Ladies’ Newspaper’: Discourses on female teachers, [in Greek] in S. Ziogou –Karastergiou (ed)Life Stories of women teachers. Thessaloniki: Vanias, pp.363-382.
(Forthcoming) “Debates on Education in the Ottoman Greek Women’s periodicals (19th c. – 1908)”. .Paper presented at the Conference “The history of Popular education, Utrecht, August 2009. (Forth comining in a volume edited by Sjaak Braster, Ian Grosvenor & Frank Simon, 2011).
(Forthcoming) Aspects of Girls’ Education in the Greek Communities of the Ottoman Empire (19th c. - 1922): Moral and Ethnic/National, in Krassimira Daskalova, Mary O'Dowd and Daniela Koleva (eds) Women, Gender, and the Cultural Production of Knowledge. Budapest: CEU Press.