Department of Philosophy & Social Studies
University of Crete
Campus of Rethymnon
74100 Rethymno

Phone number: ++30 2831077211/15/16
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Department of Philosophy and Social Studies

The Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, located at the Rethymno campus in Gallos, is one of the oldest departments of the University of Crete; it has been operating since 1977. It is organized in two Divisions corresponding to two major areas of study: Philosophy, and Theory and Methodology of Social Sciences. The curriculum combines philosophy with psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology and education in order to shed light on some of the most fundamental questions in the study of human nature and society.

The B.A. degree represents a variety of disciplines related to the above major areas of specialization as well as practical teacher training for those who wish to pursue a teaching career in Secondary Education. At the end of their second year of study, students choose their major area of interest, i.e. Philosophy or Theory and Methodology of Social Sciences.

The Department currently has about 680 undergraduate students and more than 50 postgraduate students.