Useful Information

The conference venue is located at the town of Rethymno and is surrounded by many hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars:

Meeting Venue. ''Hotel Xenia of Rethymno'' (aka ''Students Dormitory Building'')
Panoramic image of the Venue
Panoramic image of the Venue 2

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Special offers we have been given by the hotels listed below.

1. Rimondi Butique Hotels (
Standard Room: 140,00 € (with breakfast)
Superior Room: 160 € (with breakfast)
Maisonette: 180 € (with breakfast)

2. Kyma Beach and Kriti Beach (
Single-bed room: 106 € (with breakfast)
Double/two-bed room: 135 € (with breakfast)
Superior double-bed room: 190 € (with breakfast)

3. Jo-An City Hotel (
Single-bed Room: 55 € (with breakfast)
Double/two-bed room: 75 € (with breakfast)

Limited number of rooms at special prices (€ 30 per night, for single-bed rooms) will be available at a cozy small hotel (“The House of Europe”) owned by the local University.

Note, however, that Rethymno is a tourist destination which means that there are plenty of hotels within and around the close vicinity of the city. There are a lot of rooms available, but it would be a good idea to try to make the booking as early as possible. Of course, once you come, you will find many exciting places to visit, from the mythical place of Zeus’ birth in a cave up on mount Psiloritis to the island of Santorini (there are organized one day boat tours from Rethymno).

For your transportation you should know that:

► Ferries run daily from Piraeus (the port of Athens in mainland Greece) to either Chania (65 km from Rethymno) or Heraklio (85 km from Rethymno). Ferry tickets may be acquired through Minoan or

Anek ferry companies.

► Both airports of Crete, one at Chania and the other at Heraklio, are served by multiple airlines. You can reach them directly from many other European airports, especially during the tourist season.

► Rethymno is easily accessible by bus (every hour) from both Chania (60 min, 6,80 €) and Heraklio (90 min, 8.30 €)

► Taxis cost about 85 € from Chania and 100 € from Heraklio.