Husserl Circle Meeting: Crete 2017

Convenors' Letter (April 2017)


Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce that in the context of the forthcoming 48th Husserl Circle meeting, we received high quality papers/abstracts from nearly all continents, many of which were focusing on the topics which we were encouraging, together with others on a lot of various diverse and interesting issues. This testifies that the Husserlian research is vigorous and is ready to extend itself into novel ramifications that fertilize the already achieved traditional scholarly depth in ways that intersect or meet contemporary burning issues. Husserlian Phenomenology has a promising future!

Now, we address ourselves to you in order to ask you to consider the possibility of participating in the Husserl Circle Meeting by commenting on one of the papers to be presented. Please inform us within the next two weeks whether you are indeed planning to attend the meeting as a commentator.

Also keep in mind that the full paper (aprx. 30 min / 3900 words) will be sent to us no later than the 9th of June so that you will have enough time to prepare your comments.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Rethymno!

All the best,

Panos Theodorou and Fotini Vassiliou