Antonios Georgoulas


Office: 101
Office hours: Wednesday: 12.00-14.00, Friday: 11.00-11:30
Phone: 28310 77212

Curriculum Vitae


  • Sociology and Ethnology at University of Human Sciences of Strasbourg (1979-1989).

Teaching and Research Experience

  • Professor of Sociological – Anthropological Theory
  • Epistemology of Social Sciences.
  • I am currently working on the relations between scientific cultures, social structures and modern anthropology.

Publications (selected)

  • Trajectories in convergence: Rural emigration and the formation of labor space in Greece, Athens, Gutenberg, 1997
  • Invisible Paths: Differentiation, name’s practices, identity, Athens, Gutenberg, 1997
  • Politics of the social theory. Categories of thought and social structures,  Athens, Gutenberg, 2006 
  • The project of equality and genesis of sociology: Introduction to dialectics between social science and its object, Athens, Topos, 2008.
  • Social theories in action. Conceptual and ideological change, Athens, Topos, 2010
  • The genesis of sociology and modern anthropology, Athens, Topos, 2014.
  • The big rupture. The neo liberal transformation of the educational field,(forthcoming).
  • The two anthropologies; Utility and donation (forthcoming).